Panel Session: Realizing the potential of the “IoT Economy”

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MALAYSIA has rolled out its National IoT Strategic Roadmap, with the expectation that the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) would contribute RM9.5 billion to the country’s gross national income (GNI) by 2020, and RM42.5 billion (US$11.2 billion) by 2025. With proliferation of low cost of sensors, and the reliability of long-range wireless technology, IoT goes beyond just manufacturing and will spread into farming, city planning, energy management, and more. This expansion will create a boom of technological, economic, and global benefits. GDP around the world will increase, and provide new economic, technical, and employment opportunities to citizens globally that will drive up average incomes & living standards, particularly in industrially advanced economies. Learn from the key stake holders & the thought leaders moving Malaysia into becoming a premier regional IoT hub & towards the 4IR

Moderator: James Lai, MyIoTA

Zaky Moh, Chief Officer for Cluster Development, SME Corp
Low Ngai Yuen, Global Entrepreneur Movement (GEM)
Ir. Dr Mohd Shahreen Madros, EATechnique Independent Director & UKM Adjunct Professor