Panel session : IoT, key to 5G use cases & digital adoption

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The fourth industrial revolution will unleash flows of data in quantities not seen before. It becomes more important than ever to manage these flows, ensure there is no leakage, and draw business insights from all the data. This is a huge task for any enterprise. By integrating the 5G network with the IoT system in a powerful digital strategy, SME’s & manufacturers will be able to plan, operate with extreme flexibility and accelerate the path towards an agile ecosystem of suppliers and customers. What are the use cases that will drive the demand-side of 5G & impact on the economy?

Moderator: Dr. Nikolai Dobberstein, Partner & Head Communications,
Media and Technology Practice (APAC) AT Kearney

YBhg. Dato’ Mohd Ali Hanafiah Mohd Yunus,
Chief Corporate Officer, MCMC (Chairman of National 5G Taskforce
Tan Sri Althoff Rainier, CEO, ALC International
Chee Yih Tzuen, CIO, IJM Corp Bhd (FMM Industry 4.0 Working Committee)
Yap Keng Teck, Exco ,SME Association (Industry4wrd Working Group)  Hsien Li Khoo, Director – E-Business, Sunway Group