YBrs Tian Chua, Chairman, Malaysia Productivity Centre & Special Advisor to Minister of Works

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Chua Tian Chang or better known as Tian Chua is the Special Advisor to Minister of Works & also Chairman of Malaysia Productivity Centre

Tian Chua, former Batu MP (2008 -2018), holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from University of Sydney, Australia (1984-1986) and Bachelor of Arts (History & Philosophy of Science) from University of New South Wales, Australia (1989).

He also holds a Master’s of Arts (Employment & Labor Studies) from the Institute of Social Studies, in The Hague, Netherlands in 1994.

Tian Chua also received various awards including the Malaysian Human Rights Fellowship from the National Human Rights Association (HAKAM) in 1998 and the AIF Rose Award from the National Labour Federation of Denmark in 2003 for his work pertaining to labour rights in Malaysia


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