MU Pathma, CEO, Cre8Iot

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Mu Pathma is an seasoned entrepreneur with passion in technological evolutions, his passion and love in technology drive him to become a serial entrepreneur since age of 20. Starting various business from electronic repair service, industrial automation and education, he learned both how technology evolve and how to setup profitable business units. In 2004 he co-founded Promosys Technology, with the vision to design and develop Malaysian made remote monitoring hardwares. Under the leadership of Mr. Mu Pathma, Promosys developed various hardware targeting remote monitoring, in the span of 15 years, Promosys developed matured solution in Water, Wastewater, Healthcare, Pest Management and Waste Management segment. Because of his love in technology evolution, Mr. Mu Pathma always keep up with latest technology development. With that vision, Promosys become the first commercially manufacture and deployed IOT Sensor & EcoSystem using either SigFox, Lorawan and NBIOT, in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India. In 2019, Mr. Mu Pathma start focusing in total IOT EcoSystem development and delivery under spin off company called Cre8IOT.

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