Jack Lim, Director, Gartner

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Jack is a Director at Gartner providing Research and Advisory services on
Information Technology & helps CIOs and CTOs articulate the value of IT to
other C-Suite and board by solving complex business problems with
digitalization. His industry coverage includes Public Sector, Financial
Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare & High Tech & Telcos by providing insights and contexts on trending topics like AI, Blockchain, IOT, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Big Data etc. He has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Economics
Specialises in the Economics and Management Pathway from University of London & currently also advises Global Artificial Intelligence Network Malaysia & Industry 4.0 Society.


Registered in the later part of 2016, MyIoTA or Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association is founded by a group of individuals & companies in the private sector, passionate & involved in IoT value chain in Malaysia & beyond. With the global trend of 50B* devices(things) connected by 2020, IoT will be an important catalyst in transforming the digital economy landscape. MyIoTA works together with industry players to develop a thriving IoT eco-system for companies adopting & providing IoT solutions & services


To Champion & realize the full potential of IoT as part of Malaysia’s digital economy , empowering towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • To promote investments, use cases & applications of IoT
  • To be the forum for IoT entrepreneurs, researchers, CIOs & policy makers for sharing ideas & expertise in latest IoT technologies
  • To harmonize & promote partnerships in software, hardware & platform services
  • To promote local IoT companies at the global level & increase their competitiveness
  • To help industries in their digital transformation journey using IoT

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