Chee Yih Tzuen, CIO, IJM Berhad (FMM Industry 4.0 Commitee)

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YT is a technical and business savvy Senior Executive with diverse experience in the Information Technology services industry with a track record of bridging business challenges with technical solutions. He has regional Asia Pacific experience both as an IT vendor as well  as an end user articulating strategic direction and delivering industry leading technical business solutions from the sales, marketing, project management and operational perspectives. He sits on a number of government Industry 4.0 committees, is a regular speaker on the topic and has championed and implemented various Industry 4.0 projects for public listed companies. He is currently co-chairman, Ministry of Communications & Multimedia, Industry4WRD Technical Working Group for Infrastructure; a member of Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment Technical Committee; and a member of Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Industry 4.0 Working Committee.  In his day job, YT is the Chief Information Officer at IJM Corp Berhad. 

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