Xperanti IoT

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About Us

Are you ready for a connected future? Xperanti is Malaysia’s first nationwide IoT network provider, offering IoT network solutions through exclusive access to Sigfox’s globally leading technology.

Xperanti offers comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions that unlock the huge emerging opportunity of Industry 4.0 for your business. Our exceptional technology delivers powerful connected solutions for manufacturing, transportation and logistics, utilities, agriculture and smart city applications.


At Xperanti we employ our extensive market experience guided by our outstanding operational team to supply innovative IoT technology solutions that deliver real impact for our customers. We are constantly exploring and evolving to deliver the most advanced solutions utilising innovative technologies.

As a Sigfox network operator, Xperanti is able to leverage the world’s leading IoT network to deliver smart connections for Malaysian business. Our internet of things technologies focus on reliable, secure, low-cost network solutions that sidestep the cost and functionality challenges of traditional networks.