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With connectivity and security at its core,TM ONE is positioned as the only enabler of a Hyperconnected Ecosystem for all your business’s digital journey. As the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Group, our seamless and complete digital solutions are #madepossible by our people, processes and state-of-the-art technology. As you venture on this journey of digitally transforming your business with us, you will also be supporting our mission of fully transforming Malaysia into a digital nation. This is all in line with TM’s philosophy of “Life Made Easier”, for a better Malaysia.

Our vision & Our mission

Our vision

To make life and business easier, for a better Malaysia.

Our missionWe deliver life made easier:

  • To customers, through converged lifestyle communication experiences.
  • To business, by collaborating with and supporting them with integrated solutions.
  • To the nation, by supporting socio-economic development through education development through education, innovation and social initiatives.
TM ONE logo rationale

TM ONE logo rationale

The designed ‘O’ in TM ONE is called ‘Radii’ (pronounced as Rad-dee), a name derived from the word ‘radius’. It represents our 360-approach and spread of solutions, which stems from the perpetual innovation and close collaborative relationship with our business customers. Radii also sound similar to ‘ready’ which describes TM ONE’s readiness to embark on a new business landscape beyond connectivity. The forward leaning position of the logotype that follows the TM master brand, which is all about progress and growth.

‘Sky Blue’ is the selected colour for TM ONE as it is close to the mother brand colour palette. This lighter shade is often associated with easy living and convenience, which is the ultimate digital experience (DX) for end customers as we embark on smart solutions from TM ONE. The warmer hues of Red, Orange and TM ONE Orange are to showcase energy, passion and commitment, attributes that dictate our operational excellence.


Together with our multinational team of experts’ skill set across Malaysia and Indonesia, TM ONE enables the successful digital transformation for all businesses and public agencies with customised value-based innovative digital solutions and services. This in turn allows you to focus on what you do best-your core business.

Hyperconnected Ecosystem

In a Hyperconnected Ecosystem, the Internet of Things (IoT) bridges the physical and digital to enable us to do much more than we ever imagined possible, from the way we live, how we work to the way we connect with one another.

It is this very principal that propels TM ONE’s Hyperconnected Ecosystem for today’s business and beyond – offering complete digital solutions, made possible by high-performance connectivity and integrated security technologies as unique as your thumbprint. All so you can enjoy business efficiency while building a strong and lasting relationship with your customers.

We believe that a Hyperconnected Ecosystem puts people first and that’s what makes it possible to connect experiences and inspire the nation with solutions to push forward.

The Only Enabler of Complete Digital Opportunities

  • Enabling Agile Businesses
  • Going Beyond Boundaries
  • Supporting Digital Transformation
  • Innovating Digital Businesses