IoT Connected Community Experience@HoT 2019

Connecting the IoT Industry

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Information on IoT Connected Community

The Hypernet of Things experience center show case a connected community with various types of applications contents such as

Smart Access – users can be monitored and accessed thru the cloud or remotely for right accessibility for security and data collection. The technologies of smart access including smart tag ,facial recognition or using a smartphone. Data collected can be used for controlling environmental parameters or optimize energy usage & comfort level of occupants.

Smart Lighting – Using solid state lighting with intelligent sensors the lighting system is controlled by authorized users directly or remotely and will be monitored for maintenance and power usage for business analytics purpose.

Smart Energy – provides energy control according to the usage, besides monitoring the power quality in real-time , identifying poor power supply that can contribute to outages (or create dangerous harmonics that can destroy sensitive appliances or computers), it also provides analytics data for business costing suggestion & applying AI for load demand prediction & cost savings through customized energy consumption profiles.

Smart Water Metering – Remote water metering is becoming a reality that allows web access to check on water usage, automated self billing and payment anytime and checking unproductive water leakages.

Smart Retailing – eMoney and e-retail services are made secured and easy for saving time & adopting to our busy city lifestyles, integrating digital payment solutions to everyday consumption of services. Example of a local laundromat e-payment will be  show cased along with autonomous delivery service.

Environment Intelligence – Enabling you to be aware of environment changes affecting air pollution, renewable energy generation & energy savings etc. to combat global warming & environmental disasters. With early signals and history data analytics it allows all users to have better preparation and prediction not limited in flood, landslide, river overflowing, air quality, as well benefits to agriculture, agro-farming and fishery activities. Environmental and motion sensors have played a big role in the environment monitoring and LPWAN allows maintenance free for long period of operation & automated data collection at very remote areas.

More use cases and useful other showcases are also displayed at different areas waiting your visit and discussion with domain experts such as in Smart Manufacturing & Automation, Industry 4.0 Applications, AI, Cloud, Big Data & LPWAN Sensors

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