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Connecting the IoT Industry

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HoT 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Hypernet of Things

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In today’s global and connected economy, digital supply chains are the norm rather than the exception. Start today by re-imagining your supply chain. Develop digital strategies that allow you to proactively evolve ahead of the competition.With the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the convergence of multiple pillars of emerging technologies blurs the fine line between physical & digital worlds. The cyber-physical domain enables us to manage our assets, be it a commodity, capital equipment, property or whole cities – remotely, autonomously & efficiently.

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The Malaysian Government framed 2017 as the year of the Internet Economy, and launching the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) along with the deployment of cloud, next generation cyber-security offerings that are priorities for the nation’s Digital Transformation, hence, setting the stage for deployment of IoT technologies and applications.  This timely event aims to address the low awareness on the importance of IoT, not only is it a critical link to complete the country’s Digital Transformation, but also inspires and drives innovations, and creativity among the youths & start-ups. Whilst captains of the industries, C-suites and enterprises will benefit from insights on strategic IoT applications and the enormous cost savings, increased productivity and benefits from deployment of IoT technologies to support the Digital Free Trade Zone.

The education sector, both public and private, are abuzz with the task of up-skilling and preparing our present and future generation work-force, respectively. Not to mention our ambitions for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing sectors and SMEs, and plans to modernize our management of public facilities, assets and agriculture, we hope that the IoT fraternity will not only showcase their latest innovations at this event, but also, will present strategic IoT technologies and applications befitting the goals for our National Digital Transformation.

Hypernet of Things Expo 2018

This concurrent Expo is expected to showcase commercially-available and pre-commercialised IoT solutions, devices, proofs-of-concepts and technologies including, telco services for IoT, M2M, AI, BDA & Datacentres, FinTech, Digital Services and Human Resource Development.

Expected number of Exhibitors : 60

Expected number of Trade Visitors : 3,000 from the following sectors;
Regulators & Policy-makers, City Planners, Industry 4.0 & IIoT (Manufacturing), Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail  &  Fulfilment, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Risk & Asset Management, Real Estate including REITs, Facilities &  Asset Management, Refrigeration & Ventilation, R & D management, scholars, Aviation & Aerospace, Rail, Fleet Management, System Integrators, and IT Services & Components manufacturers.

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