HoT 2021

Connecting the IoT Industry

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Join us for the largest IoT-ecosystem gathering of thought leaders, policy makers & IoT platform service providers in the region where technology is playing an ever more important role in adapting us to the new normal. Due to the current pandemic, this year’s HoT 2021 will be held virtually online

HoT 2021 is our yearly event held virtually this year

Our mission has been to educate the industry on the availability and choices of products & new technologies developed by our engineers. Events organized by MyIoTA are clearly the most appropriate platform

Chin Le Yan, Senior Applications Engineer, STMicroelectronics

“Was quite an exciting and interactive session, with a lot of focus on Startups and entrepreneurship…an interesting exchange on business models. Is it “smart” to give services for free and share savings or additional profit respectively” HoT 2019 Conference

Patrick Klotz, Managing Director, SwissTech Solutions